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4 Reasons to Store Your Motorcycle This Winter


4 Reasons to Store Your Motorcycle This Winter

Protecting your motorcycle with a custom weatherproof cover is a start, but you can do much more to protect your summer bike this winter. Consider placing your cherished motorcycle in a spacious storage unit instead of caring for your equipment at home.
Here are four reasons why you should store your motorcycle this winter. Your local self-storage company will have a covered or open lot you can use to house your motorbike safely.

You Have Added Protection for Your Property

Your motorcycle may be covered by your homeowners, renters or even automobile insurance policy, even while it's in storage. All you have to do is call your appropriate insurance provider and let them know where your motorcycle is stored and how long the unit will be in a facility's care.
In the event of accidental scratching while in transport or other damages (unlikely, but they can happen) while your motorcycle is in a storage unit facility, you have added protection of your insurance provider to replace or repair your unit as necessary.
If you do not already have storage insurance on your policy, ask your storage unit representative what type of guarantee they offer for the items placed in storage or if you can get a recommendation for storage unit insurance. A representative can show you the onsite security options they have and will be happy to assist you in getting the coverage you desire for your motorcycle.
Other ways you increase protection on your motorcycle is due to the storage unit facility you use: 24/7 security cameras or personnel, locked and gated facilities and special codes to access buildings can help reduce theft, vandalism and other damages you may experience with your motorcycle if you choose to keep it at home for the winter.

You Have Access to Amenities You Don't Have at Home

If you are planning on storing your motorbike in your garage or a covered carport on your property, consider self-storage instead. Self-storage gives you access to amenities you likely don't have at home, including ride-up access for easy unloading, climate-controlled units to protect your motorcycle's engine and a well-lighted location so you can check on your motorcycle anytime you wish.

You Can Choose the Unit for Your Needs

Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. You can choose a simple storage carport to house your motorcycle or pick a unit that is fully enclosed instead. You can choose the unit you desire for your motorcycle and its accessories (bags and riding gear, for example) that best fits your needs.
Appropriate storage space allows you to have easy access to your equipment that you may not be able to find at home. If you are storing additional items along with your motorcycle, a covered unit is recommended. Speak to your storage unit facility representative about your storage unit needs so they can assist you in choosing the best storage capacity for your motorcycle.
Proper storage of your motorcycle when it is not in use is key to your bike's longevity. The winter months can be harsh on outdoor equipment, but proper protection can help preserve your motorcycle for safer and more enjoyable riding when the weather is permissible for riding again.
Your storage unit facility representative will be able to show you the available units they have for storing vehicles and outdoor recreational equipment. You can work out a month-to-month or seasonal rental plan for your storage needs. At Delray Storage, you can feel confident in the service you receive and the quality units we have available. Call us today to see what we have to offer for motorcycle storage.


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