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5 Food Truck Storage Tips For The Off-Season

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5 Food Truck Storage Tips For The Off-Season

During the summer, your food truck business blossoms as the tourists and residents crave a bite to eat while they soak up the sun. However, you've recently discovered that it's better to keep your business seasonal, and a truck storage unit is an ideal place to keep your commercial vehicle safe from the winter weather.
Ideally, you should choose a storage unit that is designed with 24-hour monitoring so that you can prevent theft of your commercial property. Yet, you will also need to take a few precautions as you get ready to store the food truck that will ensure it is ready to go when spring arrives.
Wash the Exterior
Storage units help to keep the weather elements and dirt off the food truck during the summer. However, corrosive materials such as bird droppings or salt will continue to break down the paint and metal surfaces if they are left on the truck all winter.
Make sure to wash the exterior of the food truck before you put it into storage. Then, apply a coat of wax, and consider adding a fitted cover for added protection.
Protect Sensitive Kitchen Equipment
Depending on the type of food your business serves, you may have kitchen equipment that does not respond well to freezing temperatures. For instance, anything with a water line will need to be drained to prevent mold growth. The water storage tanks also need to be blown out and insulated.
If you are leaving equipment such as the stove or refrigerator in the unit, then leave the doors open to allow air to circulate. Always refer to the owner's manual for any appliances to find out the proper storage guidelines. For instance, some equipment may require you to keep the storage area heated during winter weather.
Eliminate All Traces of Food
Pest control is always a priority in a restaurant business, and you should maintain the same level of attention to sanitation during winter storage that you practice all season. Begin by cleaning all of the food prep and storage areas to remove any crumbs or spills that are left over from the summer.
Then, take the cleaning further to change out any ventilation filters that may have greasy residue on them. A thorough cleaning before storage helps to prevent pests while keeping everything ready to fire up when you take the truck out of storage.
Plan to Maintain the Battery
Batteries can lose their charge if they're left in a stored vehicle for a long time. While some people prefer to disconnect the battery completely and store it in a separate location, you have additional options if you choose a climate-controlled unit.
In a heated unit, temperature fluctuations are less likely to affect the battery. For this reason, you may choose to visit the unit to start up the truck and drive it according to the schedule recommended by the mechanic. Alternatively, you could use a battery charger with a maintenance setting to keep it going.
Perform All Needed Maintenance
Once the warm temperatures hit, there is no time to waste getting the business up and running. Have the truck inspected to identify any maintenance that is required such as changing the brake pads or replacing a belt.
In addition to doing the routine maintenance, you can also have the on-site mechanic handle winterization tasks. For example, you will need to get the truck's oil changed so that contaminants do not sit in the tank all winter.
Delray Storage is your one-stop shop for a secure place to store your vehicle and get it ready for the summer. Contact us today to find the ideal storage unit for your food truck.


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