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7 Pre-Storage Cleaning & Preparation Tips For The Inside Of Your RV

RV Cleaning

If you are done using your RV for the season or are not planning to take any trips for a while, make sure you take the time to properly clean and prepare the inside of your RV before you put it into storage.

1. Take Out Electronic Items

Although your RV storage unit will provide safety and security, it is still not a good idea to leave electronic valuables inside of your RV. Remove any electronic devices or equipment, including items such as a GPS unit or navigation system, television, phone, portable DVD player, or any other electronic items.‚Äč

Store all items in your home or a climate-controlled environment, as heat, humidity, and cold temperatures can damage your electronics.

2. Remove All Food

Remove all the food from your RV. Although it may be safe to leave canned food inside of your RV, you don't want to risk it. Leaving any food inside increases the chance pests will be attracted to your RV. Eliminate this risk by removing all possible food sources, right down to the salt and pepper shakers.

3. Remove All Bathroom Items

Next, remove all bathroom items from your RV, including bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, toothpaste, or soap. If the containers were to freeze and crack or become too hot and explode, you would be left with a sloppy mess to clean up when you open up your RV again.

4. Clean the Kitchen

Along with removing all food sources from your RV, you need to deep clean the entire kitchen and dining room as well.

Start by taking everything out of the cupboards. Wipe or vacuum up any crumbs, then disinfect the shelves and cabinet doors, inside and out, including the handles. After that, clean off all the appliances. If you have an oven, scrub it until you get rid of all food residue.

Wipe down the inside and outside of your microwave and clean the sink. Scrub down the fridge and make sure you don't leave any food inside. Be sure to vacuum the floor and clean under the baseboards as well. Deep cleaning your kitchen will remove the risk of lingering bad odors, spoiled food, or food that could attract pests.

5. Unplug All Appliances & Take Out Batteries

Once you have cleaned all of your kitchen appliances, you will need to unplug them. Be sure to defrost the freezer and get rid of any excess water before closing up your RV. Unplug the microwave, stove, and fridge as well.

After that, take all batteries out of any battery-operated items in your RV. If you leave the batteries in them for months at a time, you risk the batteries corroding and possibly ruining the devices.

6. Clean All Linens

Clean everything you can inside of your RV. Take down the curtains. Remove the sheets, pillows, and blankets from your beds. Gather all the towels, pot holders, rugs, and seat cushions, then wash and dry all of these items. Once clean, you can store them or put them back inside of your RV.

7. Vacuum Everywhere

Finally, you are going to want to vacuum everywhere inside of your RV. You don't want to leave behind any crumbs that will attract pests, so be sure to do an extra thorough job.

Vacuum under cushions and rugs, and inside all drawers and storage spaces. Vacuum everywhere you can, and then do it again to get rid of all dirt and debris from your RV and to make sure nothing was missed.

After you clean the inside of your RV, contact the experts at Delray Storage for help preparing the rest of your RV before you put it into storage.


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