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Reasons to Put Your RV in Storage

RV Parked in Open Area
The average RV is used only 10% of the year. This means 90% of the time an RV Is left out in the open, placed in a covered garage, or simply protected via a tarp against the elements or other potential damages. 
RVs are also not cheap - even a mid-range model costs upwards of $40,000. Protect your RV when you aren't driving it by placing it in a storage facility instead of at your home. Here are just some of the benefits of storing your RV in a facility specializing in large vehicles.
Your RV Is Better Protected 
RV storage facilities are designed to safely house large recreational vehicles, preventing them from getting scratched, sun faded, and water damaged as weather changes. Consider how you store your RV currently: do you have the unit housed on cement where it won't be exposed to mold and mildew caused by moisture? Is your RV fully covered when not in use? Is your RV parked near trees or other items that can fall on your vehicle, causing damage?
Your RV will be placed in a large fully enclosed or partially enclosed unit (depending on availability and time of year you choose to store your rig) where the vehicle will be kept safe from the sun, rodents, rain, snow, and more. Choose a storage unit facility that specializes in housing boats, cars, and other large recreational units for your RV storage.
Your RV Has Better Security 
Storage unit facilities are responsible for the belongings of their clients against theft and vandalism, so storage unit owners ensure their property is safe by utilizing modern security measures. You likely don't have the type of security at home that you'll find at a storage unit facility, including:
  • On-site security personnel
  • Key coded entry gates
  • 24/7 surveillance cameras
  • Locking, burglary-resistant storage units
Leaving your RV out in the open at home, even if you have a covered carport, subjects your unit to vandalism, theft, or even accidental damage. Choose a storage unit facility that has constant surveillance and on-site management for housing your RV safely.
Your RV Takes Up Space 
Your RV takes up space at home that you should be using for other purposes, such as housing and protecting your main vehicles or other outdoor equipment. Since RVs are also quite heavy, they can tear up grass or create a mess in your landscape when you attempt to move the vehicle later in the summer.
Furthermore, unless you place your RV on a hard cement or asphalt surface and have it fully enclosed, you expose your unit to rodents and insects when it's not in use. You free up space at home and create a more pest-free environment for your RV to rest in when you choose a facility that specializes in housing large equipment.
You will still need to check on your RV regularly while it's in storage to ensure that the unit is not leaking and is free of any structural damage. When your RV is stored away from home, let your homeowners insurance agent know so you can continue coverage on your recreational equipment.
Storing your RV in a facility that has the space and means to keep your unit safe is the best way to protect your investment. For a short period of time during the year, you take your RV our for fun and adventure, but the rest of the time the unit should be stored in the safest way possible.
Contact your storage unit facility representative to learn more about available units. The storage experts at Delray Storage will assist you in finding the best storage for your RV's needs.


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